Located just west of San Antonio, Castroville is a small town known for its historic architecture, beautiful parks, and vibrant community. According to, Castroville has a 2024 population of 3,195. Castroville is currently growing at a rate of 1.88% annually and its population has increased by 7.98% since the most recent census, which recorded a population of 2,959 in 2020. Here are some highlights that make Castroville a hidden Texas gem:

History and Architecture: Established in 1844 by immigrants from Alsace, France, Castroville has preserved its European heritage through its well-preserved architecture. The town boasts over 96 historic homes and structures built between 1844 and 1920, many of which are still in use today. The Steinbach Haus Visitor Center offers a glimpse into the town’s past with exhibits on its founding and early years.

Nature and Recreation: Nature lovers will appreciate Castroville’s natural beauty, with the Medina River running through the town and the Castroville Regional Park offering hiking trails, picnic areas, and fishing spots. The park is also home to the Landmark Inn State Historic Site, which provides insight into the town’s history.

Shopping and Dining: The town’s historic downtown area is a hub of activity, with shops selling antiques, crafts, and local goods. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of dining options, from classic Texas barbecue to authentic Alsatian cuisine.

Community and Hospitality: One of Castroville’s most charming aspects is its strong sense of community. Residents are known for their hospitality, and visitors are welcomed with open arms. The town’s friendly atmosphere and small-town charm make it a great place to visit or live.

Castroville, Texas, is a hidden gem that offers a blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Whether you’re relocating, exploring its historic architecture, attending a cultural festival, or simply enjoying the hospitality of its residents, Castroville is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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