Since 2010, the Texas Diaper Bank has been at the forefront in helping the San Antonio community provide diapers to its most vulnerable. The Texas Diaper Bank helps to bridge the economic gap and supplies diapers to those in need.

Diapers by the number

The average cost of diapers per child is roughly $125 per month and the average cost for seniors or other adults who may have incontinence difficulties is $343 per month. For both populations, the lack of resources not only affects their physical health, but can affect their mental health as well. Additionally, federally-funded programs or other insurance plans do not always cover the cost of diapers.

By mid-year of 2020, the Texas Diaper Bank had distributed 905,000 diapers and 46,000 incontinence supplies to 37,000 individuals.

Volunteer Work

On April 16, 2021 we had the pleasure of volunteering and packaging diapers for our community. 5,000 volunteers assist the diaper bank annually and we were glad to be apart of the work this organization is doing for our community. To find out more about the Texas Diaper Bank and how you can help, please visit their website at: