The Greenway Trail system provides in our community provides beautiful places to walk, run, cycle, take in wildlife, soak up some sun and enjoy. We have compiled a list of trails that are a 1/2 mile or more to take in some fresh air.


Bamburger Nature Park
12401 Babcock Rd., 78249 | Length of Trail: 2.50 miles
Located at 1604 and I-10, this spacious nature park features a paved bike trail, clean bathrooms, paved walking trails and ample shade for visitors. Children’s playground on site, too.

Comanche Lookout Park
15551 Nacogdoches, 78247 | Length of Trail: 4.55 miles
Over 96 acres owned by San Antonio, this park offers views from the fourth highest point in Bexar County. Enjoy amenities such as paved walking and biking trails, picnic tables, a pavilion, a playground and a public art display.

Crownridge Canyon Park
7222 Luskey Blvd., 78256 | Length of Trail: 1.30 miles
Featuring gravel walking trails, a shaded pavilion, clean restrooms and water fountains, this park puts visitors into a desert state-of-mind. Crownridge was the first natural area developed as part of the Edwards Aquifer Protection.

Eisenhower Park
19399 N.W. Military Hwy., 78257 | Length of Trail: 6.3 miles
This gorgeous natural area offers visitors over 320 acres of Hill Country views with paved and gravel walking trails, bike routes, and bathroom facilities. The park even offers a 1,278-foot-tall observation tower to overlook the city of San Antonio.  

Friedrich Wilderness Park
21395 Milsa, 78256 | Length of Trail: 4.68 miles
Home to rare birds, orchids and deep canyons, this park is internationally known for prime bird watching and is a nesting site for two federally listed endangered species. Visitors can hike up to 4.68 miles on gravel and dirt walking trails.

Friesenhahn Park
15701 O’Connor Rd., 78247 | Length of Trail: 0.54 miles
Pack a picnic and enjoy the great outdoors under a shaded pavilion at this park. Featuring a quick, flat walking trail, several picnic tables and clean bathroom facilities.

McAllister Park
13102 Jones-Maltsberger, 78247 | Length of Trail: 8.1 miles
Two separate dog parks, walking trails, a baseball field, biking trails, picnic tables, etc. – this park has it all! McAllister Park is one of San Antonio’s most popular parks and offers trails of varying levels of difficulty.

Mud Creek Park
16875 Jones-Maltsberger, 78232 | Length of Trail: 2.90 miles
The park trail is a 2.9 mile walk or bike and offers beautiful views of Texas wildflowers, natural vegetation and more. Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a leash. This trail is great for beginners or anyone wanting a quick hike!

Panther Springs Park
22635 Wilderness Park, 78260 | Length of Trail: 2.5 miles
Located north of 1604 and Shavano Park, Panther Springs offers both walking trails and a 1.5-acre dog park. Visitors can enjoy exclusively paved walking or biking trails, shaded seating areas and a multipurpose field.

Phil Hardberger Park (East + West)
East: 13203 Blanco Rd., 78216 | Length of Trail: 2.84 miles | West: 8400 N.W. Military Hwy., 78230 | Length of Trail: 3.64 miles
First opened in 2010, Phil Hardberger park offers over 300 acres of wildlife to enjoy! Situated on either side of Wurzbach Parkway on NW Military highway and Blanco Rd., visitors can enjoy two dog parks, clean bathrooms, seating areas, etc. You can also experience walking among the treetops on the elevated Skywalk that gently climbs 18-feet off the ground, offering spectacular views of the tree canopy and connecting pedestrians to the top of the recently completed Robert L.B. Tobin Land Bridge which crosses over Wurzbach Pkwy.

Stone Oak Park
20395 Stone Oak Parkway, 78258 | Length of Trail: 2.70 miles
Enjoy smooth-gravel trails, a children’s park, shaded pavilion and clean outdoor amenities at Stone Oak Park! Catch your break at the end of your hike by checking out the public art display at this park.



Copernicus Park
5003 Lord Road, 78220 | Length of Trail: 0.50 miles
This park offers several different softball fields, pavilions and a community center all available for hourly rentals. Copernicus Park is great for visitors of all ages and offers something for everyone to enjoy!

John James Park
3910 Rittiman Road, 78234 | Length of Trail: 1.07 miles
Located between I-35 and Rittiman Rd., this park offers a soccer field, outdoor grills, a children’s playground and more. Family-friendly and spacious, John James park is the perfect spot to spend your weekend outdoors.

Kardon Park
6161 Gibbs Sprawl Rd., 78218 | Length of Trail: 0.56 miles
Located on the city’s east side, this park gives visitors a chance to enjoy a breath of fresh air, natural Texas wildlife and ample sunshine. You can also find various pieces of outdoor exercise equipment along the parks trial.

Northampton Park
9057 S. Seguin Rd., 78109 | Length of Trail: 0.54 miles
This quaint park featuring a playground, short walking trails and plenty of shaded seating areas is perfect for families with small children.


Medina River Natural Area
15890 Highway 16 S., 78264 | Length of Trail: 2.83 miles
Near the city’s outskirts, this natural area offers visitors over 500 acres of pure Texas wildlife. The park includes walking/biking trails, camping sites, a covered pavilion and more!

Miller’s Pond Park
6175 Old Pearsall Rd, 78242 | Length of Trail: 1.0 mile
The Miller’s Pond recreational area includes a football/soccer practice field, additional picnic facilities, a children’s playground and was completed in 1990. The park gets its name from an on-site pond frequently stocked with fish by Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.

Mission Parkway Park
3600 Mission Parkway | Length of Trail: 7.20 miles
Just east of the city’s airport, this park offers 7+ miles of paved walking and biking trails, several picnic tables and outdoor grills.

Pearsall Park
5102 Old Pearsall Road, 78242 | Length of Trail: 1.5 miles
Pearsall Park offers a number of family-fun activities! The park is home to two dog parks, a skate park, walking and biking trails, two splash pads, basketball courts and so much more! Enjoy outdoor fitness, family hikes or just an afternoon in the Texas sun.

Southside Lions Park
3100 Hiawatha, 78210 | Length of Trail: 2.0 miles
Featuring stunning views of Salado Creek, this park offers visitors four different pavilions, outdoor fitness equipment, a nearby swimming pool and locations available for fishing.

Arnold Park
1011 Gillette Road, 78244 | Length of Trail: 0.62 miles
This park features paved walking trails that remain flat and are great for all ages. Visitors can also enjoy several shaded pavilions, outdoor fitness equipment, picnic tables, etc. The availability of community grills makes this a perfect place for a meal outdoors!

Medina Base Road Park
6303 Medina Base Rd., 78227 | Length of Trail: 0.54 miles
This park is perfect for those who live nearby Lackland AFB and the surrounding area. Located outside of base gates, this park features a quick walking trail, a children’s playground, a skatepark and plenty of sunshine.

Pytel Park
6220 S. New Braunfels, 78223 | Length of Trail: 0.53 miles
Named after a local resident and San Antonio Park Ranger, this area offers completely paved trails, clean bathroom facilities, a multipurpose field and several community grills.


Cathedral Rock Park
8002 Grissom Rd., 78250 | Length of Trail: 1.88 miles
This park offers several different terrain options and is a great choice for hikers of all levels. Featuring a children’s playground, a covered pavilion, walking and biking trails, this park is family-friendly and nestled between several residential neighborhoods, making for a quiet, relaxing outdoor activity.

Falcone Park (Nani Falcone)
7625 Mystic Park, 78254 | Length of Trail: 1.10 miles
A multipurpose park at its finest! Visitors can enjoy a skatepark, a 9-hole disc golf course, a covered pavilion perfect for family gatherings and gorgeous views of wildflowers in the springtime.

O.P. Schnabel Park
9606 Bandera Rd., 78240 | Length of Trail: 8.22 miles
First opened in 1964, this park includes 202 acres of oak trees, mountain laurels, and other native vegetation. O.P Schnabel himself is credited with being widely known for spearheading the “Keep San Antonio clean and beautiful” efforts. As a result, this park has been named “cleanest little park in Texas.”

Cuellar Park
5626 San Fernando, 78237 | Length of Trail: 0.60 miles
Several outdoor fitness stations, a community pool, and community center can be found at Cuellar Park. Enjoy a leisurely stroll under one mile and take in the sights!

Gilbert Garza Park
1450 Mira Vista, 78228 | Length of Trail: 0.50 miles
Created in 1972, this park offers a community center and pool, outdoor fitness stations, two softball fields and a half-mile, paved trail.

Heritage Duck Pond Park
900 Ellison Dr. South, 78245 | Length of Trail: 0.50 miles
Best known for its enormous duck pond and covered pavilion, this park offers relaxing walking paths, multiple picnic tables, a children’s playground and basketball court. This park is a great place for family gatherings and children of all ages.

Kennedy Park
3101 Rose Lawn, 78226 | Length of Trail: 0.65 miles
Located next door to John F. Kennedy High School, this park offers residents two softball fields available for rent, as well as a covered pavilion for outdoor parties and gatherings. Visitors can also enjoy a nearby community swimming pool.

Oscar Perez Park
8601 Timber Path, 78250 | Length of Trail: 0.50 miles
This 17-acre property offers a skatepark, bike trails, paved walking paths, a soccer field, playgrounds and more. Opened to the public in 2006, this park was named after a local resident and Police Officer who was slain in the line of duty.


Apache Creek Park
2901 El Paso St., 78237 | Length of Trail: 3.38 miles
Located in the heart of San Antonio, this park offers downtown residents and surrounding areas the chance to enjoy fresh air and a 3.38-mile walking trail. Visitors also have access to a multi-use field available for rent.

Brackenridge Park
3700 N St. Mary’s St., 78212 | Length of Trail: 1.70 miles
San Antonio’s most historic park and nature area, Brackenridge Park was first founded in 1899 and is rich with history and culture. Archeologists have even found evidence of prehistoric human habitation in this park. Visitors can enjoy a number of outdoor activities and facilities here such as several pavilions, recreational fields, walking and biking trails, playgrounds, etc.

Elmendorf Lake
700 W. Commerce, 78237 | Length of Trail: 1.25 miles
Neighboring with Our Lady of the Lake University, Elmendorf Lake offers visitors 1.25 miles of walking trails, a baseball field, community grills, etc. The park also added a community pool in 2019.              

Menger Creek Linear Park
1526 N. Walters, 78202 | Length of Trail: 1.5 miles
Previously a large, dangerous ditch on the city’s east side, Menger Creek Linear Park was turned into a gorgeous community park in 2019 and offers nearby residents a chance to play basketball, relax under the park’s covered pavilion or stroll through the 1.5-mile path.

Apache Creek Linear Park
2901 El Paso, 78237 | Length of Trail: 0.80 miles
Located at the parking lot of Lago Vista Apartments, this trailhead extends just under a mile and offers residents a calm, mostly flat pathway to follow and enjoy the great outdoors.                         

Collins Garden Park
1525 Nogalitos St., 78204 | Length of Trail: 0.79 miles
Donated by a local farmer in 1917, this park began as a private neighborhood amenity for local residents. This park has remained a large grassy, open space for residents to enjoy and features two pavilions, a park shelter, tennis courts and less than a mile of pathway to leisurely stroll.

Mahncke Park
3400 Broadway, 78209 | Length of Trail: 0.50 miles
Situated next door to the Botanical Gardens, the founding of this park dates back to 1906 and once belonged to George Brackenridge, founder of Brackenridge park. Local residents can enjoy fields of protected wildflowers, a public art display and a moderate ½ mile pathway.

Olmos Basin Park
651 Devine, 78216 | Length of Trail: 0.87 miles
This park serves as a community hub for outdoor sports with over 10 community recreational fields and pavilions. Visitors can also enjoy several walking trails, bike paths, grills and playgrounds.

Rosedale Park
303 Dartmouth St., 78237 | Length of Trail: 0.50 miles
Founded in 1892, this park offers nearly 60 acres of wildlife terrain to enjoy. Outdoor fitness equipment, large, covered pavilions, walking trails and a skatepark can also be found here.


County Line Memorial Trail (Trailhead located in Kraft Park)
1680 Anna Lee Dr., 78130 | Length of Trail: 2.18 miles
A moderately trafficked trail, County Line Memorial offers just over 2 miles of gorgeous Texas wildlife and wildflowers to enjoy. This trail is perfect for hikers of all levels and dogs are welcome while on a leash.

Dry Comal Nature Trail (Trailhead located in NB Little League Field)
3565 TX-337 Loop, 78130 | Length of Trail: 2.25 miles
Featuring a forest setting, this trail offers walking paths for all to enjoy. Visitors can expect a mostly flat, level trail to follow to enjoy the outdoor scenery and should also note that this trail is available to bike and foot traffic only.

Panther Canyon Nature Trail
146 Landa Park Dr., 78130 | Length of Trail: 1.6 miles
Located within Landa Park, this gorgeous trail offers lake views, prime bird watching and Texas vegetation. This heavily trafficked walking trail is open to all levels, including four-legged family members.