We’ve heard of spring cleaning, but the summer time calls for special care, especially in Texas where temperatures can reach upwards of 100°. Here are some useful tips to keep your home maintained during these hot summer months!


Inspect the interior of your home for wear and tear.
• Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries.
• Check attic for leaks, moisture damage and for signs of pest infestation.
• Examine indoor hoses to your washer, dehumidifier, dishwasher, icemaker, toilets and refrigerator.
• Clean the garbage disposal and dishwasher.
• Wipe down and clean baseboards.
• In the bathroom, make sure fan vents and drains are clear and draining properly in the sink and tub.
• Give your shower heads a good scrubbing and replace if needed.
• Clean your dryer vent and exhaust duct to avoid fire hazards.


Inspect your home’s exterior and outdoor space.
• Examine the siding on your home for holes or if rotten or loose and repair as needed.
• Examine your porch, patio or deck for loose nails, wood rot or water damage.
• Wash or replace exterior doors and window screens.
• Check your gutters and downspouts and clean out any debris.
• Inspect hoses and outdoor faucets for leaks.
• Check your sprinkler system.


We often see cracks in the sidewalk and pavement, and this can easily happen to the foundation of our home.
Watering the area surrounding the foundation of your home is key during the summer.
It does not need a full soak, but 15-20 mins of a light spray should do the trick.
The average cost for foundation repair is about $5,000

Air Conditioning

Have your air conditioning unit serviced regularly.
This will ensure a long lasting unit and prevent hiccups throughout the year when air conditioning is necessary.
If you have a wall unit, clean and change the air filter routinely.
Set the direction of your ceiling fans counterclockwise. This will push the air straight down, cooling your home.

Pest Control

Bugs are looking to cool down inside your home.
Check frequently for bug and spider eggs in the corners of your house.
Seal any holes a bug can crawl through.
Trim trees to reduce the possibility of rodents climbing into your attic.

Outdoor Play

Fun in the sun is what summer is all about.
Inspect your outdoor playground and lawn toys.
Make sure climbing walls, swings and trampolines are all tightly fastened, as screws and bolts tend to loosen over time.
Replace worn out wooden equipment.

Pool Maintenence 

A pool needs to be cleaned and properly maintained between gatherings to ensure healthy swimming throughout the summer.
Scrub and skim your pool daily; this removes dirt, algae and oils.
Clean the filter weekly.
Test the chemical levels weekly to ensure a balanced system.